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TO: All DIs
FROM: Director of N3’s SIU
RE: What’s next?

Greetings (Not):

You’re unforgivably late! ;-(

Every hour, minute, second you delay to answer the unanswered questions regarding CASA’s first transmission means potential agony, acne and angina for CASA, you and the future of planet Earth.

Therefore, after reading the balance of this message, IMMEDIATELY click BLOG (above) to collaborate with other DIs toward solving CASA’s case as you were directed.

When you’ve answered all, that’s ALL, of the questions regarding CASA’s first of 10 transmissions, copy and paste ATTNDIRECTORN3SIU@GMAIL.COM in your email's TO box and SEND. Be sure to type SEND ANOTHER TRANSMISSION in your email’s Subject Box. For clarification about the questions and other issues, you may also send me an email at the aforementioned address.

Tempus fugit! So, put down your whatever, tune out all distractions and focus on your directive faster than I can say the longest English word to use all five vowels in order exactly once, ABSTENTIOUS.

If necessary, view the photos (below) of CASA during the formative years of his military training to explore post-Earth sites for colonization. If the photos don’t inspire you to do what you were chosen to do, you have serious issues that require serious attention. But, I sense you don’t want to go there. Right?

For planet Earth, CASA and yourself, click BLOG (above) and get to it!


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